Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plenty of Syph

Sure I have 33 other topics to blog about.. but I just couldn't get over this. 

I've heard the radio ads, the TV commercial scared me so bad I moved away from my BFF, and the site killed me. 

This has got to be an awesome viral campaign, from a media standpoint they've done a great job at getting the awareness necessary for syphilis. I had barely known about this STI until this recent awareness campaign. 

I haven't quite figured out why they targeted plentyoffish.com, it's slightly unfortunate. I know some real great people who've met through that site. POF doesn't exactly encourage you to just f*&%, so why the parody? Because it's catchy? 

My major concern with this whole awareness campaign is their ultimate solution no not contracting an STI.... wait for it..*drum roll please*.... don't have sex. UH... really? that's your advice?  They have got to be joking.. I can't take that seriously at all. What about just ensuring people are consciously aware of their decisions? Not only that, but I don't find their site as informative as it could be, they waste too much time mocking the dating site and not enough educating. Most people won't spend the time I did trying to figure out this disease. 

On the other hand.. they got my attention and thousands of others too. 

So, what are your thoughts about the PlentyOfSyph.com site and this awareness campaign? 

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