Friday, May 6, 2011

33 Posts

I think I've said the word "BLOG" about 75 times this past week. Each time I say it and it makes me think of this sucker page that I've neglected like an unfit teen-mom. 

The interesting thing is that I have 33 posts for my blog outlined already! It's just a matter of writing the rest of the content and publishing it! 

I have faaaaar too many thoughts to not blog, and I already flood everyones twitter timelines with my 140characters-or-less thoughts. 

So here's to blogging again, and hopefully this will be my last post about how I need to blog again. Get ready for tons of random topics, anywhere from growing up desi, my aspirations to drugs, sex and booze. 

ps. I'm looking for help with fine-tuning my blog. Any help is appreciated!!