Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Debit

Many of us mark New Years as a time to start over, try again, set new goals, only to renew them again next December. 

 Often life throws us challenges and hurdles that can bring us down. So with life already at me, why would I make choices and decisions to result in a new lowest of lows? I cannot answer this question easily, it has to with being irresponsible.

All I know is that I owe a lot to those around me and even more to myself. My real self. It's often easy to settle with "what is" or just to dream big. I find myself in limbo between these two. The bottom line is I need to start doing more. 

I owe a lot to my family. Words, money or actions won't be able to express my gratitude. The only thing I want accomplish in 2011 is regaining respect.  2011 will be a challenging year, a hard year, one where I must start from the bottom and slowly work my way up trying to earn that back.

This doesn't really have to do with New Years, it has to do with a New ME. New Years just happens to be the venue.

I must constantly remind myself  to do better. 

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