Wednesday, December 29, 2010

... Waiting for 2011

This was meant to be a quick blog post to simply announce "Coming Soon", but once I added in the title it made me reflect on 2010 - and since I have no blog posts from this year - I figured I might as well leave something behind.

2010 has definitely been a year of discovery - but can't we say that for each year? The one thing I've discovered this past year is my ability to work hard. I've worked hard this year, but not hard enough - and that's why I'm looking forward to 2011 - to push myself even harder.

So here's a quick recap of 2010:


  • New Job
  • Dominican Trip
  • Jashan Bhangra event 
  • Camping in Radium
  • Summer of idiocity
  • 5K Run 
  • One too many drunken nights
  • Countless 87C meetings
  • Vegas


  • pfffffft we don't mention those 

Ah... after writing my highlights it doesn't seem like it was a very exciting year at all - o well, all the more to look forward to in 2011. 

ps. looking for an awesome blog template - I'm welcome to recommendations 

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